Margarete Schakat, author of "Where Hoffman Told His Fairytales", was born in Konigsberg, Ostpreußen in 1923. She lived there until she married Arno Fischer in 1939, and then moved to his farm in the small village of Klein Engelau.

This is a good website with some information on Konigsberg:  www.canitz.org

Altroßgärter Kirche

Formerly called Rossgarten Church

From "Where Hoffman Told His Fairytales" [Page 36]...
“… exactly opposite Klingershof, was the Altrossgarter church with its high bell tower and a large clock. Whenever Mamachen’s clocks stopped, all she had to do was look out her window and she could check the time or listen to the number of chimes… “ 


Königsberg Cathedral

From "Where Hoffman Told His Fairytales" [Page 162]...
So it happened that Gretel, in her carriage, led the wedding procession from Klingershof, up the hill through the Rossgarten, past the Burgkirche church, down Französische Strasse, past the castle, across the Schmiedebrücke bridge across one of the arms of the Pregel river onto the cathedral island

The bells of the grand church, a massive structure that had been built in the gothic style in the 14th century, chimed only for her. This house of God was meant to tower high above all the neighbouring buildings, and industrious hands toiled half a century to complete it. Since it had been erected on swampy land, the colossal building was slowly sinking, however. Instead of climbing up the stairs to the entrance, one had to descend two steps. 

CURRENT STATUS:  Houses a Museum



From "Where Hoffman Told His Fairytales" [Page 22]...
Whenever the weather was good on a Sunday afternoon, Hänsel and Gretel were taken out for long walks in the stroller, from the Schlossteichthe castle pond (named after the nearby Königsberg Castle) in the city centre close to where they lived, through the Rossgärter Tor to the Oberteich, and still further to the green fortress glacis. 

Margarete standing at the top of the Schlossteich

CURRENT STATUS:  Partially Restored


From "Where Hoffman Told His Fairytales" [Page 141]...
In the afternoons, Gretel enjoyed strolling over to the Sackheim district and looking in on Oma, Tante Friedel or Tante Annchen who all lived on Friedmannstraße, or to visit Tante Kätchen at Büllowstraße or Tante Gretchen who had moved from Rosenau to Büllowstraße in the Sackheim district with her little daughter Inge. Onkel Paul lived in Yorkstraße. It really wasn’t possible for any family to live much closer together than this one. Only Tante Betty and Onkel Willi were farther away – the former still lived in the Laak district of Königsberg, and the latter, with his large family, in Ponarth   .

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